Saturday, June 5, 2010

What Does Losing Weight Mean To You?

Woman Food and God,” Geneen Roth was on Oprah, and I have to admit, I bought the book. There was one thing she said that made my ears perk up and that was, “she lost her weight without dieting and eats whatever she wants.” It might not be her exact words. I believe it has been two weeks since I watched the show.

So, I started reading this book, and I completely disagree with her religious beliefs, but she has some really neat and interesting points on food.

I'm only on page 41, but I'm going to write about the things that inspire me through reading this book, and maybe you'll decide you also want to read it too.

Today, she uncovered to me a lot of things. She asked “Who am I?” Well, at this point, I can't answer that. All I ever wanted is to be thin, and now that I'm here, something doesn't feel right. Because the question I have that no one but me can answer, “is that all there is?”

Before losing weight, I always said to myself, “if I were thin I could feel better, be sexier, work would be better, not be so tired and everything would always be perfect.” In my mind, losing weight was the answer to everything! However, now that I have lost my weight and the build up of excitement of losing weight is done, I ponder and am left with only my mind saying “but only if you were 5 pounds lighter, it would be so much better.” It’s really crazy!

I'm glad I bought this book, because I never looked at losing weight the way she brought it out. Losing weight is not a solution to fixing things that might be wrong in your life. It does make you feel better, it does make a diabetic very close to being normal again, it does make you feel great about yourself and your outlook on life changes. But you’re still left with that same person you always were, and you have to come to grips with that person. You have to discover “Who am I?”

Today I leave you with a few of her words.

“During the first few days of a retreat, people are convinced that I have the answer to the puzzles of their lives. They really truly believe that there is something that will fix their weight problems and thereby fix what they can't put into words: what it feels like to be them. To live their particular lives, with their particular families, with their particular minds. What it's like to have insulin-dependent diabetes or a friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. They realize intellectually that losing weight will not take their friends cancer away, but the promise of weight loss is that it will allow them to live on a magical piece of earth from which everything else will be manageable.”

~The Motivational Girl~

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