Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Learning Maintenance Isn't As Easy As I Thought

Now that I've been maintaining my weight loss for almost 17 months, I'm starting to run into new temptations and walls.

I have been very confident over the last 2 years of doing everything right, staying on my plan, logging my food, measuring my food, exercising, drinking my water and eating the same thing over and over again.

Now, I'm starting to workout harder and more effort is going out, and it’s starting to play with my head a little bit. For example, today my husband and I rode our Tandem bike for 35 miles in almost 2 hours time, and I burned over 2,000 calories. I was starving when I was done and immediately thought, “I'm going to eat a big steak tonight, and I don't care how many calories I consume.” Danger signs and warnings started coming into my head immediately! Just to let you know, I did not eat a steak. I chose a Cobb Salad with dressing on the side. Kept it safe and on plan!

You've got to be careful at this stage of the game. Yes, I've lost my weight and have maintained it for a long time. However, if I want to stay where I am, I've got to make sure that I don't change anything or take for granted what works for me.

So, just because I've lost my weight, doesn't mean life is back to eating what I want or when I want. It takes serious discipline and strength to continue on that weight journey that got me here.

I felt like I needed to share this with you and for myself. It’s not all a bed of roses on the other side. At times, it can actually be harder. :) I never thought I'd say that, because I could never lose weight until I found Nutrisystem.

I will tell you this, my goal in this life other than to be a good Christian and a good wife, is to never go back to the overweight girl I once was. I will fight to the end to keep this weight off! I've never in my life been so fit, strong and healthy. I'm not about to lose it over that voice that lingers inside; the one that wants to tempt me on a daily basis. I will win!

~The Motivational Girl~

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