Sunday, May 9, 2010

Your Weight Loss Depends on You

One of the things you will hear from me over and over again is how it’s up to you to lose weight, be healthy and get fit. It’s not up to your mom to cook you your meals every night, nor your wife. ;) It’s not up to your husband to give up his way of eating for you to lose your weight. It’s up to you and you alone.
Stop blaming everything around you, and start holding yourself accountable for the way you look and feel. Depression is increasing in the United States because we don't take care of ourselves. We want others to do it for us. Start owning your responsibility.

Your not losing weight because you go to McDonald's every morning for breakfast and getting a super-size coke or going to the steak house and eating a 10 oz Ribeye with a loaded baked potato and a salad doused with dressing all over it. I know; I did that! Write down the things you eat and their sizes for 1 week, and go out to the DailyPlate at It’s where I log my food everyday. This will bring to light how many calories you are eating every day. I guarantee you will be floored by what you find out about what you are eating.
It’s not because you can't lose weight; it’s because you choose not to lose weight. You choose not to hold yourself accountable, and you must start now.

The way you lose weight is by eating less than what your body burns every day. I eat 1500 calories a day since I started Maintenance back in 2/09. I hold myself accountable when I eat over, and I know that it will happen occasionally. That is okay, because I know I'll hop right back on my plan the next day and start back on 100% days.

Stop listening to those who say: “it’s because you have diabetes or whatever or it’s not your fault” attitude. Sorry to be so rough here, but it is your fault. It was my fault I got up to 255 pounds at one time; no one else.

Once you take ownership, you will be ready to be successful in your weight loss journey. Life is full of discoveries and those discoveries are just waiting for you to find them.

~The Motivational Girl~

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