Saturday, January 29, 2011

For Sale

I've passed so many "for sale" signs on a daily basis in my lifetime, but this one that I saw today struck me and made me think: “How many times I would have liked to replace my body with a new one.”

When you buy a house, it’s brand new, it’s clean, you are ready to fix it up and make it how you want it. You’re ready to put time and money into it, because it’s your new home. OK, let's face it, that's where we live, sleep, share quality time and are at bliss on a daily basis, right?

Well, have you ever wished you could trade your body in for a new one? If so, why? Is it because this one is too overweight, too out of shape, has too many rolls, or is it just worn down?

Do you think if you spent some time, money and effort like you do for your home, but for your body, it would become a nicer place to live? Well it does!

Rather than wishing you could trade your body in for a new one, why don't you start taking care of the one you have. Really, what makes you think even if you could trade your body in, that the next one will stay the way you bought it?? Just like a house, it only stays nice as long as you work at keeping it that way.

Take the “for sale” sign down and start making your body the way you want to have it. We only get one in this life; you might as well live in one that makes you happy. :)

~The Motivational Girl~


  1. You are so right! The body is out temple after all. Lots of people let their houses go too. Wonder what is the correlation between the two. Good blog. Thanks.

  2. I love this analogy Sheri!!!! OK, I do need some money to fix the aging face though - my weights don't help that!


  3. @Jody - Fit at 53 Thanks Jody! I'm sure you look beautiful as you are, surgery is overrated.

  4. @Jody - Fit at 53 Thanks! I felt the other was way too busy. I get really tired of the same thing all the time, so I change up a lot.


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