Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vacation Days Allowed

Lately I've been finding myself snacking here, snacking there and telling myself “its okay…you’re allowed, and you deserve this food.” Really! Deserve? Why do I deserve to put myself through all the guilty thoughts and weight gain all over again?

The answer to that is because I'm lying to myself. The old me did it all the time without knowing what I was truly doing to myself. Now that I know, it’s unacceptable, and I must keep it in check.

Maintenance is tough. You live day in and day out working hard on what you eat, weighing, measuring, how much water you drink and logging your food into a journal to keep accountable, at least that is what I do.

Sometimes I want to throw all of that out, and I need a “vacation day” from it. I don't believe taking a day off from all of that is wrong, but it’s dangerous! And sometimes I just do it.

I won't go out and eat at a fast food restaurant, nor will I go buy a container of ice cream and eat it like I once did. But I will eat a few pretzels that I shouldn't or another handful of Melba Rounds. I still make good decisions on what I'm “binging” on at the moment. My friend Kris reminded me today what I usually say to others, “remember where you came from, how you used to eat, and how you used to feel!!!!” Helps keep things in perspective. Thanks Kris! ;)

The key that is important to remember is after “the vacation,” work starts up all over again. You have to re-commit and put Maintenance back on top.

So, don't beat yourself up just because you have one or two lousy food choice days because if you’re committed to your weight loss, you will get back on board with the plan that works for you.

~The Motivational Girl~

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