Monday, April 19, 2010

There is No Stopping Me Now!

All my life, I fought and fought with myself mentally saying, “today I'll start my diet and lose 15 pounds in a few weeks”, or I'd try some crazy banana diet that lasted 7 days so I could lose a few pounds. This is what we call “dieting”. It’s short lived, non-inspiring, no learning and no future to maintain the weight you did lose.

This time, I went on a weight loss journey. A weight loss journey is a lifetime approach going in, knowing that you are going to change your life now and never go back no matter how hard it may be. It will change your thinking, and it will change how we view ourselves. It will transform our minds.

I am going to try to explain this to you. Since going on this journey, I have this flame that is inside of me wanting to come out, and it wants to holler, “there is no stopping me!” I guess that is why I've taken up writing and have such a need to help you during your weight loss journey.

A reason must exist for you to succeed; my reason was Diabetes. This drove me to want to change deep down inside. I didn't want to live that old life of unhealthy eating, pain in my feet, and feeling fatigued all the time. I didn't want any part of it!

Dig deep within. You don't have to have Diabetes to want to change your life. You simply just need a reason to truly live.

~The Motivational Girl~

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