Monday, April 12, 2010

Missing Out On Life

How does being overweight effect your life? A lot of us don't think we are missing out on anything because we don't know any better. I know I didn't.

When was the last time you went for a brisk walk in one of the parks where you live or when was the last time you got to ski and enjoy the hills and mountains?

Being overweight isn't easy, our joints hurt, we get out of breath so easily, tired quickly or just plain can't do it.

One of the goals for me to lose my weight was to be able to ride my bike or walk the trails again with my husband and not to be so fatigued I felt sick after I was done. Since losing my weight, I can go on bike rides again with my husband and keep up without being tired or out of breath.

Think about all the things you wish you could do and picture yourself doing them. You can attain them if its a matter of weight being the only thing holding you up.

You can do it, you can lose weight, you can be thin, you can be healthy and you can be physically active! It takes time, patients, hard work and a life long dedication in maintaining it.

I hope I can help you see its possible and that all goals are attainable, you just have to be willing to work hard for it like anything else in life. A magic pill won't do it!

My picture in this article is my husband and I riding our two seated bike, riding 20 miles....your dreams can come true, mine did. :)

~The Motivational Girl~

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