Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just this One Time

I heard this so many times during my weight loss and continually hear it on Maintenance. People would say “can't you go off your diet just this one time?” My answer to them was always “NO” and shame on you for asking me to do such a thing!

I'll never understand peoples intentions when they actually say these words. What their asking is can you possibly give up your new life for me, just this once? That might sound harsh, but its true. Have you ever thought that by giving in that one time, it could completely derail you and your efforts of losing weight?

I know for myself that certain foods are an addiction, if I eat it I can't stop thinking about it and I can really go around in circles until I get back on plan. The old Sheri couldn't stick to a plan, so I failed many, many times.

Don't let the temptations that others bring to you be the reason you don't succeed on your weight loss goals. Nothing they offer is worth giving up your dreams, your health, your happiness and the new you.

Even our families tend to do this to us, the ones we are closest too, so be prepared to tell them “NO” and tell them what being thin means to you. Most times you will find if you stay strong and you explain to them what it means to you, they will become a great supporter. Heck, you might even inspire them to consider how they eat and finally do something to help themselves as well.

Take this opportunity, not only to make yourself stronger, but to help the ones that are introducing you the temptation.

~The Motivational Girl~

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