Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just One More Mile

I'm so encouraged by so many people online I have so many friends in the Nutrisystem community and now outside into the world of Twitter. You all amaze me!

So many people have taken on the battling of the bulge, and majority are succeeding! Its hard any of them will tell you that, but they will also tell you how rewarding it is to lose their weight and to be able to maintain it.

Its a struggle, those who are maintaining will tell you that and so will I! However, the rewards that come from it are so bountiful there's not one tell you they'd rather go back to the way they use to be.

One lady I know started at 311 pounds back in November 2006 and she's now down to 165 and counting! She's a knockout, and she walks every day miles and miles at a time loving every minute of it. She's now striving to go from jogging into the world of running and goes to the track daily. What a positive woman she is to be able to overcome so many things to get to this point.

A dear friend of mine started out at 174 and is now at 122! She never exercised prior to her weight loss, pretty much like most of us, but she is now running half-marathon's! She is also winning her age group, which is so spectacular!

Did these ladies feel hopeless in the beginning? I'm sure they did, who doesn't feel that way, but they persevered and never gave up.

You need to dig deep and go just one more mile never give up on your dreams to succeed to being healthy and fit. There's millions of people in this world struggling with the same weight issues as you, and I am here to tell you can achieve your dreams.

~The Motivational Girl~

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