Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are You Hiding Behind Your Disease?

As you know after reading my story, I have Diabetes and the conditions that came following were Hypo-Thyroidism, High Blood Pressure, Peripheral Neuropathy, Autonomic Neuropathy. Excema and other skin conditions that I won't list, you get the point. I became a very depressed person, someone that struggled daily to get out of bed and to smile because of how hopeless I felt living with all of these condition(s) and the pain I suffered on a daily basis.

I gave up on myself time after time knowing I couldn't lose weight even my own doctor, a General Practitioner not a Endocrinologist, (who I adore) told me on one of my visits because I took insulin I couldn't lose weight. Yes, he actually said that to me! I had no belief left that I was ever going to lose weight let a lone being in good physical condition. What I didn't know is that the disease and conditions didn't really own me. I only allowed them too!

I spoke with someone yesterday at work that is in the same boat I was back in 2008. She has diabetes too and is using an insulin pump like me. She has retinopathy the beginning stages of it, depressed, overweight and feels hopeless. It broke my heart, I wanted to hug her and tell her there's hope I'm proof that diabetes doesn't have to make you fat and unhealthy. I shared with her my story, and told her she can change her life dramatically by losing weight and eating healthy. I don't think she believed me or more truthfully she didn't believe in herself.

For me, I needed guidance and a easy plan, so I joined Nutrisystem, they sent me my food and it was affordable, they showed me how much I should be eating daily, how important it is to eat low glycemic food, especially as a diabetic and it showed me I could do it on my own!

Stop hiding behind your disease and start living while you can! I knew if I would have kept going down the path I was I would probably not live to see 52 now I at least have a chance. Get out and start living! No more excuses, you can lose weight and I am here to help motivate you as you go.

~The Motivational Girl~

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