Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keeping Foods Neutral

Have you ever noticed when you categorize food bad or good, the bad is usually what you dwell on? I believe its a subconscious thing really. If we think pretzels are bad to eat, we want pretzels. If we think ice cream is bad to eat, we want ice cream. I remember being a kid and my Grandmother use to say “you shouldn't eat that cookie, its bad for you.” Well, its not bad as long as you eat it responsibly rather than eating the whole box like I did. :)

I digress, the sad part is when we cave into our desires, we lose all focus on our diet plan and throw our hands up and just eat. I for one would do that and completely lose myself in that moment. When I would come out of it, I felt so depressed, angry and guilt ridden.

I never say, “I can't eat this chocolate bar” because I can and if I choose to eat it I hold myself accountable for it now. As I look back on my journey I have seen where my inner thoughts start to change, I start thinking “I don't want to eat these extra calories, not for a chocolate bar “. Let me tell you, it still catches me off guard too when that happens. I love thinking this way rather than being a slave to the food.

So, if you are one that labels foods bad or good, stop doing that their all good we just need to balance them out (especially us Diabetics).

~The Motivational Girl~

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