Saturday, March 20, 2010


I can't count the times in my life where I'd have dreams and goals to lose weight only to sabotage myself. Either I'd just give up, or I'd get bored with eating right or I'd see I'm not losing. I do have hope that this time I will stick to the plan, I will continue to eat right and not give up. I realize what I'd be losing if I did give up and here's a few of them.
  1. My happiness and pride every time I walk down the hall
  2. My size 8 pants ;)
  3. Feeling my hip bones when I'm standing and talking to someone.
  4. Having my husband not be worried that I was going to keel over any minute do to my health conditions.
  5. The joy of crossing my legs and they are so comfortable.
  6. The joy of knowing Type 2 diabetes is no longer an issue, but I still have Type 1.
  7. The fancy clothes
  8. The short sassey red hair I now have
  9. Looking at myself and smiling back in the mirror.
  10. Knowing how fit I am and feeling healthy.
These are just a few things and I'm not willing to give them up for no one, not even FOOD! Yes there are times where I wish I could just eat some French Fries again, or some chocolate chip ice cream. However, I won't do it because that could set off a long line of tastes and feelings that I might not come back from and for what? Fat? NO!

Conclusion: Keep in mind the goal you have set for yourself and don't let a number on the scale ruin the opportunity of a life time.

~The Motivational Girl~

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